Win Blood of the Vikings DVD

What’s more fun than getting a free blood of the vikings 2014 artDVD in the mail? Well, getting a free, violent, bloody, cool Viking movie in the mail is more fun! Here’s your chance to win Blood of the Vikings, recently released by Safecracker Pictures.

The competition has ended!

In Blood of the Vikings, the Viking warrior king Thorsson sets out to conquer the mysterious Bear Island that is supposedly the lair of a mythical half man, half beast creature cursed by the Norse God, Odin. But the King is betrayed by Sven, the cowardly, power-hungry heir to the throne. His men are slaughtered and he is captured by the monster. Freya the king’s beautiful daughter and fearless fighter, embarks on a quest to bring him home, preparing to sacrifice herself for the good of her kingdom and the life of her father.

Cast: Jane March (Clash of the Titans), Justin Whalin (Dungeons & Dragons), William Gregory Lee (CSI, Xena), Greg Melvill-Smith (District 9).

What we want to know, is: Who directed the movie? The correct answer is David Lister.

blood of the vikings freya

We congratulate the winner; Lars P. from Flisa, Norway. The DVD will arrive in the mail shortly!

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