Win Berserker DVD

So you want to watch a Viking movie, but you’ve seen The Vikings twice this year and The littlest viking isn’t even released. Have no fear – Berserker can be yours with a couple of clicks!

Released by Safecracker Picturesberserker2013, Berserker: Hell’s warrior went straight to number 1 in the direct-to DVD-charts, with only Lawless and Judge Dredd doing better business.

When a Viking warlord defies the Norse God, Odin, the God’s fury is so great that he curses the warlord’s eldest son, Barek, to die and be reborn as a Berserker, one of hell’s warriors. The curse manifests in rage, violence and insanity…. Lifetime after ravaged lifetime, for eternity.

Directed by Paul Matthews, the film features international star Patrick Bergin (Robin Hood, Amazons & Gladiators, Gallowwalkers), Paul Johansson (Lonesome Dove: The series, Highlander: Raven, CSI Las Vegas), Kari Wuhrer (Stargate Atlantis, CSI Miami, Sharknado 2) and Craig Sheffer (One Tree Hill, Dracula 2, Merlin: The return).

What we want to know, is: When was Berserker first released? The competition has now ended. The answer is: The film was first released in 2004.

Berserker_Hells_ Warrior_2004_2

We congratulate the winner; Morton F from Leeds, UK. The DVD will arrive in the mail shortly!

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