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thorbjørn harr2The aim of this list is to include all Viking films, TV and documentaries ever made. TV movies, miniseries, recurring shows, theatrical films, video – they will all be here, eventually. We hope.

Compiling a list of all Viking films and TV series ever made is a huge, but not impossible task. Depending on your definition of the genre, there are not too many of them around. For the time being, this list does not claim to be complete, so if you know of movies, TV or documentaries that should be included, please use the comments field at the bottom. Documentaries are singled out in a list below the drama list.

The definition of what constitutes a Viking film or TV drama is, for the purpose of this list, when a movie is predominantly Viking themed (or semi-Viking in the case of fantasy films), or when Vikings feature prominently even if the story itself is not set in Viking times or in the Viking nations. In order to limit the scope of the definition, the list does not include: TV meant for very small children, TV episodes or features where Vikings feature only occasionally or briefly. Short films are only included if they are properly Viking themed and made by a professional crew.

F = Theatrical feature film
D = Docudrama / documentary
T = TV series
V = Direct to video feature or TV movie
A = Animated drama
S = Short film


20?? – Viking Vampire F
20?? – Berserk (Kristoffer Jørgensen) F
20?? – Viking: Rise of the Warrior F
20?? – Red Snake, aka Röde Orm F
20?? – 1066 – Harold Godwinsson (Robin Jacob) F
20?? – Scarecrow Vs. Vikings (Louisa Warren) V
20?? – Vikings Vs Krampus (Louisa Warren) V
20?? – The Dead Man’s Mound (Chandradeep Das) F


2020 – The last kingdom (season 4) T
2019 – Valhalla (Fenar Ahmad) F
2019 – Viking Saga: Rune of the Dead (Rasmus Tirzitis) F
2019 – Vikings (season 6) T
2019 – The Head hunter (Jordan Downey) F
2019 – The Viking War (Louisa Warren) V
2019 – How to Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World (Dean DeBlois) A
2019 – Vinland Saga (Shūhei Yabuta) A
2019 – Viking Blood (Uri L. Schwarz) F
2018 – The Lost Viking (Emmet Cummins) V
2018 – Halvdan Viking (Gustaf Åkerblom) F
2018 – Viking Destiny (David L.G. Hughes) F
2018 – The last kingdom (season 3) T
2017 – Vikings (season 5) T
2017 – Gudrun: The Viking Princess T D
2017 – Norsemen season 2 (comedy/parody) T
2017 – The last kingdom (season 2) T
2017 – Viking Siege (Jack Burton) F
2016 – Norsemen season 1 (comedy/parody) T
2016 – Viking Legacy (Tom Barker & Victor Mawer) F
2016 – Trace (Markus Dahlslett) S
2016 – The Last Viking (Philip Stevens) S
2016 – Viking (Andrei Kravchuk) F
2016 – Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands T
2016 – Vikings (season 4) T
2016 – Rise of a Viking, aka Noble Claim (Glen KirbyJed Tune) V
2015 – The last kingdom T
2015 – Viking Quest (Todor Chapkanov) F
2015 – Vikings (season 3) T
2015 – Northmen (Claudio Fäh) F
2014 – How to Train Your Dragon 2 (Dean DeBlois) A F
2014 – Vikings (season 2) T
2014 – Viking: The Berserkers (Antony Smith) F
2013 – Hammer of the Gods (Farren Blackburn) F
2013 – Vikings (season 1) T
2013 – Vikingdom (Yusru Kru) V
2013 – Berserk (Pjotr Sapegin) S
2010 – Dragons (Chris Sanders, Dean DeBlois) A T
2010 – How to Train Your Dragon (Dean DeBlois & Chris Sanders) A F
2009 – Thor: Hammer of the Gods (Todor Chapkanov) V
2009 – The Secret of Kells (Tomm More) A
2009 – Severed Ways (Tony Stone) V
2009 – The Curse of the Viking Witch (Mogens Hagedorn Christiansen) F
2009 – Valhalla Rising (Nicolas Winding Refn) F
2009 – 1066: Battle of Midgard, aka The Battle for Middle Earth, aka 1066 (Justin Hardy) D
2008 – A Viking Saga, aka Rise of the Vikings, aka Son of Thor (Michael Mouyal) V
2008 – Outlander (Howard McCain) F
2007 – Beowulf: Prince of the Geats (Scott Wegener)
2007 – Beowulf (Robert Zemeckis) F
2007 – Grendel (Nick Lyon) V
2007 – Pathfinder (Marcus Nispel) F
2006 – Asterix and the Vikings (Stefan Fjeldmark & Jesper Møller) A
2005 – Beowulf & Grendel (Sturla Gunnarsson) V
2005 – Blood Of The Vikings, aka Blood of Beasts, aka Beauty and the Beast (David Lister) V
2004 – Berserker: Hell’s Warrior (Paul Matthews) V
2004 – Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King, aka Ring of the Nibelungs, Curse of the Ring, Sword of Xanten (Uli Edel) V
2003 – Hem till midgård (season 1) T
1999 – The 13th Warrior (John McTiernan) F
1998 – Beowulf (episode of Animated Epics) A S
1997 – Prince Valiant (Anthony Hickox) V
1995 – The Viking Sagas (Michael Chapman) V
1994 – Prince of Jutland, aka Thrones & Empires (Gabriel Axel) V
1997 – The Last Viking (Jesper Nielsen) F
1991 – The White Viking (Hrafn Gunnlaugsson) F
1989 – Erik the Viking (Terry Jones) F
1988 – Shadow of the Raven (Hrafn Gunnlaugsson) F
1987 – Berserker, aka Nordic Curse (Jefferson Richard) V
1986 – Valhalla (Peter Madsen & Jeffrey James Varab) A
1985 – Trees grow on stones too (Stanislav Rostotskiy & Knut Andersen) F
1984 – When the raven flies (Hrafn Gunnlaugsson) F
1981 – Grendel, Grendel, Grendel (Alexander Stitt) A
1981 – Outlaw: The Saga of Gisli (Ágúst Guðmundsson) F
1981 – The Saga of Burnt Njal (Friðrik Þór Friðriksson) S
1978 – The Norseman (Charles B. Pierce) F
1974 – The Island at the Top of the World (Robert Stevenson) F
1976 – The Normans (Paul Gernes & Per Kirkeby) D + F
1973 – Tarkan vs. the Vikings (Mehmet Aslan) F
1970 – The Ceremony of Innocence (Ken Rockefeller, Arthur Allan Seidelman) V
1969 – Alfred the Great (Clive Donner) F
1967 – The Viking Queen (Don Chaffey) F
1967 – Hagbard and Signe, aka The Red Mantle (Gabriel Axel) F
1965 – Erik, the Viking (Mario Caiano) F
1964 – The Long Ships (Jack Cardiff) F
1962 – Attack of the Normans / I normanni (Giuseppe Vari) F
1961 – The last of the Vikings (Giacomo Gentilomo) F
1961 – The Tartars (Richard Thorpe) F
1961 – Erik the Conqueror (Mario Bava) F
1959 – The Vikings (season one) T (aka Tales of the Vikings)
1957 – Viking Women And The Sea Serpent (Roger Corman) F
1958 – The Vikings (Richard Fleischer) F
1954 – Prince Valiant (Henry Hathaway) F
1928 – The Viking (Roy William Neill) F


While fiction drama about Vikings is limited, documentaries abound and are much more difficult to get an overview of, in particular because they are less written about, at least before the 00s, and also because an unknown number of local broadcasters around the world made their own documentaries. Nevertheless we have sailed a bit on that sea to list what we have found. If you know of more titles, please post information in the comments field.

2020 – Vikingarnas sista resa / The Last journey of the Vikings (4-part documentary directed by James Velasquez for Viaplay)
2019 – Lost Viking Army (produced by Nova PBS, directed by Peter Gauvain)
2019 – Viking Warrior Women (produced by Urban Canyons Ltd for SVT)
2018 – Viking Dead (presented by Tim Sutherland)
2018 – The Wild Way of the Vikings (UK, directed by Nigel Pope and Jackie Savery)
2017 – Varnhem and the Christian Vikings (produced by My Lindberg for SVT)
2017 – The realm of Vikings (hosted by Kristina Ekero Eriksson, produced by ZDF and SVT)
2017 – 1066: A Year to Conquer England (3-part BBC series hosted by Dan Snow)
2016 – The truth about Vikings (hosted by Kristina Ekero Eriksson, produced by BBC, SVT, PBS)
2016 – Vikings Unearthed (2 hour special hosted by Doug Bolender for PBS/BBC/Nova)
2016 – Real Vikings (miniseries on History Channel in the US and History Television in Canada)
2015 – Gåten Oseberg / The Oseberg mystery (directed by Erik Jacobsen)
2015 – In the land of the Vikings (6-part documentary presented by Frantz Howitz on Danish TV)
2014 – Viking Women (2-part German TV documentary directed by Kai Christiansen for NDR)
2013 – Journey’s End (6-part TV documentary presented by Vala Gardarsdottir)
2012 – Vikings (3-part BBC documentary presented by Neil Oliver)
2012 – The Norse: An Arctic Mystery (directed by Andrew Gregg for CBC)
2012 – The Last Battle of the Vikings (directed by Bill MacLeod for BBC)
2011 – The 1066 Hastings Campaign (presented by Tim Saunders & Andrew Duff)
2011 – The Viking Invasion of Wessex 878AD (presented by Tim Saunders & Andrew Duff)
2011 – The Viking Sagas (BBC documentary presented by Janina Ramirez)
2011 – Viking Apocalypse (a History Channel production)
2010 – The Normans (3-part BBC series presented by professor Robert Bartlett)
2009 – Beowulf (episode of Clash of the Gods documentary series, directed by Christopher Cassel)
2009 – The History of Warfare: Viking Wars – The Norse Terror (starring Brian Blessed)
2009 – Quest for the Viking Spirit (directed by Timothy Lorang)
2009 – The Viking Burial
2009 – Viking Terror (hosted by Terry Schappert in the History Channel Warriors series)
2008 – The Viking Serpent (presented by Philip Gardiner)
2007 – Lost Worlds: The Vikings (an episode of Lost Worlds on History Channel)
2006 – The Vikings (presented by Liev Schreiber, directed by Mikael Agaton)
2006 – Wrath of Gods (documentary about making the film Beowulf and Grendel)
2006 – The Vikings: Voyage to America (episode of Digging for the Truth on History Channel)
2005 – Viking (presented by Eric Robson for ITV)
2004 – Vikings: Journey to New Worlds (Directed by Marc Fafard for Imax).
2004 – Vikings (episode of History Channel’s series Barbarians, directed by Robert Gardner)
2004 – Viking Wars: The Norse Terror (aka The Norse Raiders) (presented by Brian Blessed)
2003 – Njálssaga, aka The Story of the burning of Njáll (directed by Björn Br. Björnsson)
2002 – Viking voyages (directed by Bo Landin for Discovery Channel)
2001 – Vikings, Fury from the North (episode of History’s Mysteries on History Channel)
2001 – Blood of the Vikings (5-part BBC series presented by Julian Richards)
2000 – The Lost Vikings (episode of the Secrets of the Dead series on PBS)
1998 – Foot Soldiers: The Vikings (hosted by Richard Kern)
1998 – Vikings: Warriors From The Sea (From the Discovery Channel)
1995 – Vikings in North America (episode of Ancient Mysteries on A&E, narrated by Leonard Nimoy)
1994 – The Normans & The Vikings (episode of Ancient Warriors on Discovery Channel)
1991 – Vikingspor i russisk jord (3-part Danish documentary about Vikings in ancient Russia)
1968 – Vikingenes veger (Danish documentary about the Dane invasion of England)
1968 – Vikingtida (Norwegian 5-part documentary about Viking life)




  1. Hello,
    I am looking for a viking movie that aired on television during the 1990s. The story involved a shepherd boy who was enslaved after vikings raided a coastal village. The boy became involved with a blood feud with his master’s family and eventually swears a blood oath with his master after his master has been mortally wounded in a fight to the death with the opponent. The final scene takes place close to convent in which they had sought refuge. This film was probably made in the 1980s, and seems British or European. It may be a “made for TV” movie. It is not “Pathfinder”.

    Thank you for you help.

    • Hi Mark. I don’t immediately recognise that movie, except the first part of your description, which sounds a bit like “Trees grow on stones too” from 1985, a Russian-Norwegian movie. It’s reviewed on this site, but I doubt that’s the one. Lots of TV movies from the 80s are completely lost, and I am afraid I am not aware of the film you are looking for. Would be nice if you do find it one day.

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